My aim is to create a space for you to relax and let go, then gently guide and nurture you back to balance. You will be left feeling rejuvenated, lighter emotionally and deeply relaxed.

I am a qualified practitioner who has worked in holistic therapies for many years. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, a qualified aromatherapist, reflexologist, and the only Arvigo practitioner in West Cornwall.

My work brings me great joy, seeing daily tensions and stress melt away from my clients enabling them to function at their fullest, and experience a higher level of peace and contentment within. My passion for developing an authentic practice has led me to travelling the globe, deepening my knowledge of both Western and Eastern techniques.

My therapies are holistic and tailored specifically to your needs with the intention of supporting you on your journey to wellbeing. Through the tools of aromatherapy, holistic massage, reflexology and bespoke spa rituals I aim to bring you back to balance and wholeness.


Sourcing local and high quality products is very important to me, and I take pride in the high quality oils and balms that I use within my holistic therapies and spa rituals.

Siskyn skincare oils feature in my holistic massages and rituals. These are 100% highly active, multi-tasking botanical oils and nothing else. They use the very best ingredients, chosen for their incredible skin repairing and nourishing properties; botanical beauty at its best.

Inlight Organic skincare features in my beautiful holistic facials and is produced locally to a very high grade by an Italian homeopathic doctor. Their face collection overflows with antioxidants, skin-loving vitamins and essential fatty acids to nourish, cleanse and moisturise your skin, leaving it healthy and radiant.

I look forward to welcoming you to my calm and tranquil treatment room here at Chapel House, and treating you to one of my exclusive treatments in this unhurried and serene environment.




Both male and female clients are welcome
to book any of these treatments online at:

[email protected]

07712 57 66 64


Luxury Indian Head Massage

75 minutes: £70
Combining a classic Indian head massage with an
Inlight organic facial cleanse and extended facial
massage, with their nourishing balm to intensively
repair and hydrate skin. The ritual ends with a soothing
foot soak and massage to relieve tired and aching feet.


Ultimate Cornish Experience

150 minutes: £125
This bespoke ritual will leave you feeling nourished,
grounded and deeply relaxed. Commence your journey
with a soothing foot soak with oils of mandarin,
lavender and frankincense to soothe tension. Followed
by a flowing hot oil aromatherapy massage using
Siskyn’s luxurious and deeply nourishing macadamia
and myrrh body oil. Finally a deeply replenishing
Inlight Affinity facial incorporating jade and rose
quartz crystal to restore luminosity and balance.

New You

75 minutes: £79
Lemon and seasalt exfoliating foot ritual. Followed by a
full skin brush and a hot oil aromatherapy massage
with grapefruit, orange and rosemary to energise,
detoxify and uplift the soul. The ritual ends with a
deeply relaxing scalp massage.

Soothe the Soul and Senses

90 minutes: £85
This luxurious ritual commences with a gentle full skin
brush to tone and soften the skin. Followed by a
flowing aromatherapy hot oil massage with soothing
and balancing oils of bergamot, geranium and
frankincense. Inlight organic facial cleanse and
extended massage to the face using Inlight’s rose and
vanilla elixir. The ritual ends with work over the reflex
points on the feet incorporating an endocrine balance
using Inlight’s aromatic foot balm with uplifting notes
of lavender and rosemary. Leave with a natural feeling
of wellbeing, with skin smooth and replenished.


45 minutes: £50
Full body sea salt and oil body scrub, facial cleanse and
exfoliation using Inlight’s superfood mask. Finishing
with a facial massage stimulating marma points with
Inlight’s rose and vanilla facial elixir and a gentle
massage to the scalp.

Total Detox

90 minutes: £85
Combining a full body sea salt exfoliation with a deeply
relaxing body massage. Choose from Siskyn’s uplifting
and detoxifying grapefruit and sweet fennel oil or
deeply relaxing and restorative macadamia and myrrh
oil. Finishing with a gentle massage to the scalp to
further detox the mind and leave you feeling
refreshed and renewed.

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